Customer Success Blog

September 2021

As a Startup: How Quickly Can You Implement a Customer Success Software Platform?

Barry Devon
Sep. 27th, 2021

As a startup you don’t have the luxury of behaving like an Enterprise business and spending months (or longer) on implementing software that is going to be key to your growth, you’re also likely looking for less complex and expensive tools with the agility to match your own.

There are 2 elements to how long it will take that are difficult to estimate as they are 100% under your control. It really is down to the amount of time and effort YOU want to allocate and the complexity of your business model… namely:

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Do Small SaaS Startups Need Dedicated Customer Success Software?

Barry Devon
Sep. 17th, 2021

Maybe, maybe not, but the fact that you are a Startup is not the reason to avoid it.

Plus, you probably don’t plan on staying small … don’t make your decision purely on budget — while there are CS software vendors out there that require $50k+ annual up-front payments, a Startup can acquire an excellent solution for under $300 per month.

Ask yourself these questions …

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