All Integrations

Customer Success Software that Integrates With AllClients

AllClients is an easy-to-use web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and online contact management system that provides an email marketing solution, and lead generation for small businesses. The company is currently based in Northern Nevada, USA, having previously been located in Northern Nevada, USA until 2013, and was co-founded in 2005 by Jeff Shamus, CEO, and Todd Binder, President.

AllClients features include:

  • Contact and deals management
  • Monthly newsletters
  • To-do management
  • Email campaigns
  • Calendar

The software has other features that include autoresponders, VoiceTouch (recorded messages), birthday assistant, 10 second mail merge, easy audio generator, and contact filtering, and the company also provides an online knowledge base to help their customers.

AllClients offers subscription plans on a monthly basis starting from $24. There is also a fee applied per month for an additional team member, emails, and VoiceTouch, a lead generating hotline. AllClients also offers a free 14 day trial to help companies evaluate the product.

Your AllClients Customer Data in Akita

  • Once connected, your Akita account will begin populating with your AllClients data.
  • This data will appear alongside all your other customer interactions for a 360° view.

  • Segment your accounts based on data from your AllClients account, and from your other business tools.

  • Define lifecycle stages and make sure customers stay on track.

  • Build Customer Success playbooks, alerts, health scores and more — all using the wealth of data gathered from your integrations.