Always know how many Playbooks and Tasks are open at a given time

Our Playbooks dashboard gives you the current state and historical trends for Playbooks and Tasks.

Playbook Detail View

What is done and what lies ahead

Click on an Account Playbook and see which tasks have been completed successfully and which tasks will be triggered next.

CSM Reports

Which of your CSMs are killing it and which could use a helping hand

Quickly evaluate Team or Individual performance and drill down to see how each teammate is doing with a specific Playbook.

Workflow Builder

Akita makes building Playbooks easy

Akita lets you add Tasks and Messages to Playbooks, how they should be assigned, and how they should be triggered.

Automated Triggers

Automate your workflows with Triggers

Akita Playbooks can be started manually or triggered automatically when an Account or Contact enters a Customer Segment. You can even add multiple triggers to a single Playbook.

Highly Configurable

Every Playbook—just how you want it

Our Playbooks are highly configurable. Do you want a Playbook to repeat every 30 days? Do you want to run a Playbook for every Contact in an Account? With Akita it’s possible!


Segment your customers by Playbook performance

With Akita, you can leverage insights from your playbooks to build a continuously-evolving engagement strategy and learn which Playbooks are helping your team—and your customers—achieve their goals!

Get Started with Akita

Akita is easy to use, but if you need help, our team is here to make your life easer. That’s why our our customers give us industry-leading satisfaction ratings