Calendar View

Plan your month, week, or day

If a list view is not your thing, Akita’s calendar view provides a visual way to budget time for your upcoming activities. Choose between month, week, and daily list views.

Pre-defined Lists

Know what Tasks are done, due or (gulp) overdue!

Akita’s predefined Task lists provide an easy way to organize your Customer Success workload.

Grid View

Create custom lists and update them in bulk

Akita’s grid view enables users to create filtered lists of Tasks and reassign, close, or delete these Tasks in bulk.

Simple Interface

We worked hard so you don't have to

Managing Tasks is easy in Akita’s. With features like sub-tasks, files, comments and alerts you and your team will always know what to do—and when.


Don't forget a detail

Add sub-tasks to an existing Task or pre-define the list when building your Customer Success Playbook. CSMs always know exactly what is required to successfully complete a Task.


Keep your team in the loop

With our Follow feature, team members are alerted when Tasks are updated. You can follow a Task yourself or tag teammates to keep them updated.

Get Started with Akita

Akita is easy to use, but if you need help, our team is here to make your life easer. That’s why our our customers give us industry-leading satisfaction ratings