Simple Setup

Configure Customer Health Scoring in minutes

Akita’s intuitive and powerful Scoring module allows you to specify the Components of the Health Score and fine-tune the weight of each component based on YOUR business.

Accounts and Contact Scoring

Create separate Health Scores for Accounts and Contacts

Akita’s flexible health scoring solution allows you to create different Health Scores for Accounts and Contacts. Identify your power users in your struggling accounts to help drive adoption.

Fully Customizable

Build fully-bespoke scoring logic to reflect your unique customer base

With Health Scoring—one size does NOT fit all. With Akita you can create a Health Score specific to your unique product or service.

Multiple Health Scores

Stop comparing apples with oranges

Do you sell multiple products or optional modules? Maybe you target customers in different industries? With Akita you can create multiple Health Scores targeting these unique segments.

Pin to Dashboards

Build Segments of Accounts with low (or high!) Health Scores

Put your Health Scores to work by creating targeted Segments based on Health Score. Use your Health Scores to identify at-risk customers and trigger Customer Success Playbooks that will put them back on track.

Instant Access

Always know the health of each customer

Once created, your Customer Health Scores are available in Accounts and Contact records, Customer Segments and Customer dashboards. In Akita, you’ll always know how each Customer is performing.

Get Started with Akita

Akita is easy to use, but if you need help, our team is here to make your life easer. That’s why our our customers give us industry-leading satisfaction ratings