Add Charts, Lists, and Data Points

Share any type of data to your Dashboards…

Combine different data sources and data types to create a holistic, unified view of your Customers and explore how they are achieving their desired outcomes.

Pinnable Widgets

Select and Pin Any data to a Dashboard in seconds

With Akita, you can share data, metrics and customer lists contained in your Segments, Account- and Contact-views and Playbooks to a Dashboard from any of our pinnable widgets.

Historical Charts

Not Just Numbers—Trends!

Akita allows you to view any Account or Contact trait over time and pin these graphs to your Dashboards.

Pin Account and Contact Segments

View multiple segment side-by-side

With akita you can pin entire Segment of customers onto a dashboard, enabling you to collate all of your key Segments in one place.

Get Started with Akita

Akita is easy to use, but if you need help, our team is here to make your life easer. That’s why our our customers give us industry-leading satisfaction ratings