360-Degree Customer View

Key customer metrics at your fingertips

With Akita, Salesforce becomes your single source of customer truth. All of your key customer data and metrics are surfaced and available in Salesforce Account and Contact Records. You’ll have instant insights into the current and trending health and behavior of your customers.

Grow Customer Revenues

An automated source of expansion opportunities

Based on changes in customers’ profiles and behavior, Akita identifies expansion opportunities and automatically creates and assigns them in Salesforce. These data-qualified opportunities cost little to create and are quick to close. At a time when traditional sales channels are struggling, this is your chance to bring an entirely new and lucrative sales channel to the business!

Team Efficiency

Data-triggered customer engagement playbooks

Akita takes process orchestration to the next level. Identifying that the conditions that require a particular process or intervention have been met, Akita will trigger a playbook that automatically creates and assigns sequences of tasks (in Salesforce) for your team. You can also include automated emails to customers as part of this process.

Learn how Akita can benefit your customer success and sales teams

Start adding expansion deals today!

Sales teams leverage Akita to build stronger relationships and secure deals faster. See the magic for yourself with a demo to get a personalized walkthrough at your convenience.