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Customer Success Software that Integrates With Canny

Canny is an incredibly simple way for teams to stay on top of user feedback. Collect feature requests from inside your application or from other communication channels. Prioritise projects and plan your product roadmap by seeing what users want most. When you roll out a fix or new feature, your users are notified to close the feedback loop.

Some features and benefits:

  • Available on your website or mobile app.
  • Searchable, customer-facing request list with upvoting capabilities.
  • Tag your posts to keep requests organized.
  • Filtering and segmentation of requests via your administration page.
  • Users sent a status update via email once a request is marked as “In Progress” or “Complete”.

How to Connect Canny and Akita

Step 1

Step 1

Head to the Integrations section in Akita. You’ll find it under Settings (the cog icon ) in the left menu bar.

Step 2

Step 2

Click the Connect Provider button.


Step 3

Select Canny from the list of available integrations.

Step 4

Step 4

Fill in the form to complete the connection. For this, you will need your API Key and Web Address from your Canny account.That’s it – all done!

Your Canny Customer Data in Akita

  • Once connected, your Akita account will begin populating with your Canny data.
  • This data will appear alongside all your other customer interactions for a 360° view.

  • Segment your accounts based on data from your Canny account, and from your other business tools.

  • Define lifecycle stages and make sure customers stay on track.

  • Build Customer Success playbooks, alerts, health scores and more — all using the wealth of data gathered from your integrations.