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Customer Success Software that Integrates With Feng Office

Feng Office is a web-based collaborations Software as a Service (SaaS) business that enhances organizational productivity and communication. Feng Office enables businesses to manage documents, project tasks, billing, communication, scheduling, events and electronic information distribution. Feng Office features include a management overview, tasks, a calendar, emails, documents, workspaces, contacts, time tracking, notes, search and filters, user administration, linked information and web links. Feng Office clients include TSI Alliance, AIESEC and Panorama Profil line S.A. There are over 2 million Feng Office users worldwide that include the NBA (National Basketball Association), Berkley University of California, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Xerox and Porsche Design.

OpenGoo was founded by Conrado Viña, Marcos Saiz and Ignacio de Soto in 2007. In 2008, OpenGoo was given a new name, Feng Office, and became a commercial business with the addition of Sergio Riestra, Marcos Marin, and Carlos Palma. The company headquarters are located in Montevideo, Uruguay. Feng Office has two types of products available, Feng Sky, a cloud-based solution, and Feng Onsite, a self-hosted solution. Feng Sky has three subscriptions available, Community at $14 per user per month or $168 annually, Professional at $19 per user per month or $228 annually and Enterprise at $29 per user per month or $348 annually. Feng Onsite has yearly licence plans available, Free Downloaded Community Edition at $0, Supported Community Edition at $990 for SMB (Small-to-Medium Business), $2,990 for medium businesses and $4,990 for large businesses, Professional Edition at $1,990 for SMB, $3,990 for medium businesses and $7,990 for large businesses and Enterprise Edition at $3,990 for SMB, $7,990 for medium businesses and $15,990 for large businesses. Pricing for corporations is available on request. Fen Office also offers a free trial of their products.

Your Feng Office Customer Data in Akita

  • Once connected, your Akita account will begin populating with your Feng Office data.
  • This data will appear alongside all your other customer interactions for a 360° view.

  • Segment your accounts based on data from your Feng Office account, and from your other business tools.

  • Define lifecycle stages and make sure customers stay on track.

  • Build Customer Success playbooks, alerts, health scores and more — all using the wealth of data gathered from your integrations.