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Customer Success Software that Integrates With SatisMeter

Satismeter allows you to send Net Promoter Score® surveys to gather an analyze customer feedback from customers via email or the web.

Satismeter provides:

  • Web-Integrated surveys that can be installed into any app or website in less than 10 minutes.
  • Real-time analytics allowing you to see customer responses instantly.
  • Translations enabling your international customers to complete surveys in their native language.
  • Survey customization allowing you to match your survey with your app or website.
  • Collaboration tools enabling you to share results with your colleagues.

How to Connect SatisMeter and Akita

Step 1

Step 1

Head to the Integrations section in Akita. You’ll find it under Settings (the cog icon ) in the left menu bar.

Step 2

Step 2

Click the Connect Provider button.


Step 3

Select SatisMeter from the list of available integrations.

step 4

Step 4

Fill in the form to complete the connection. For this, you will need your Project ID and Read Key from your SatisMeter account.That’s it – all done!

Your SatisMeter Customer Data in Akita

  • Once connected, your Akita account will begin populating with your SatisMeter data.
  • This data will appear alongside all your other customer interactions for a 360° view.

  • Segment your accounts based on data from your SatisMeter account, and from your other business tools.

  • Define lifecycle stages and make sure customers stay on track.

  • Build Customer Success playbooks, alerts, health scores and more — all using the wealth of data gathered from your integrations.