Issue 299

2021 Round-Up: The Top Akita Newsletter Articles from The Year

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

From Contentstack’s Greg Luciano — “How We Achieved 99.999% Customer Retention During The Pandemic“.

Green Custard’s James Harding shared — “How to Improve User Adoption Through Customer Success?“.

Akita’a own Barry Devon asked (and answered) — “Is the Customer Journey Over?“.

From Coinbase’s Alex Reeve — “A Primer on Product Metrics“.

Liquid’s Yolanda Lau looked at — “Hiring Your Startup’s First Customer Success Lead“.

CMO at GetResponse, Aleksandra Korczynska shared — “5 Customer Retention Practices That Work in 2021“.

Hanna Barabakh of PayPro Global listed — “16 Actionable Metrics for Measuring Customer Success in SaaS“.

Customer Success consultant, Sabina M. Pons, explained — “How to Prevent the “C-Word” (Churn) Via Customer Support“.

Insided’s Remco de Vries chatted with Brian Lafaille from Google on — “The Customer Success Dilemma: How to Transition From a High-Touch to Tech-Touch Strategy” [Webinar].

Chartmogul’s Ilia Markov shared — “The Last SaaS Churn Guide You’ll Ever Need to Read“.

…and lastly… Akita’s CEO, Clay Smith shared an honest account of the challenges of building Customer Success software and why he took the bold step of rebuilding from scratch in —”The New Akita“.

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