Issue 326

Bumper Holiday Edition – Top 20 Customer Success Articles from 2019

Dec. 20th, 2019

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

#20: OPTIM-EYEZ Managing Director, Sam Hurley dug into the complex mind of the customer in “6 Super-Psychological Triggers to Use for Maximum Customer Retention “.

#19: For CSMs looking to upskill, we shared Hackernoon’s25 Favorite Data Science Courses From Harvard To Udemy“.

#18: Showpad Chief Customer Officer, Helen Yu shared her thoughts on Customer Sucess in “Customer Success Obsession — Disruption or Disruptor?“.

#17: Kyle Racki, CEO at Proposify, explained “How Our Customer Success Team Achieved Negative Churn For Four Consecutive Months“.

#16: The team at Chargify shared a detailed guide on how to “Combat Churn at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle“.

#15: CRO at IntentData, Ed Marsh detailed “7 Tips for Weaving Intent Data Throughout the Full Customer Lifecycle“.

#14: Aazar Ali Shad, VP of Growth at UserPilot, outlined some useful sales tactics for Customer Success leaders in “How to Run Sales in the Era of Product-Led Growth“.

#13: Akkroo’s Clare Knight talked about going beyond standard engagement processes and innovating with your customers in “Is This the New Way to Think About Customer Success?“.

#12: Capterra’s Samantha Bonanno detailed how to “Keep Your Customers With a Killer Social Media Live Video Strategy“.

#11: Vasudeva Akula, Head of Data Science at VOZIQ, wrote about “Maximizing The Value Of Your Existing Customer Churn Prediction Models“.

#10: Winning by Design CEO, Jacco vanderKooij outlined the team you will need to build within a successful SaaS business, including for Customer Success, in “SaaS Role Definitions“.

#9: Author of Product-Led Growth, Wes Bush delivered an exhaustive overview of onboarding in “The Definitive Guide to User Onboarding: Part Two“.

#8: Userpilot Co-founder, Yazan Sehwail argued that using ‘dynamic product experiences’ is the best way to boost user adoption in “How to Use Context-Driven Product Experiences to Drive User Adoption?“.

#7: Design Symphony’s Joey Coleman told BombBomb “You Have 100 Days to Create or Lose a Lifelong Customer” [Podcast].

#6: VP of Client Success at Degreed, Brett Andersen asked (and answered) “What Does a Wildly Successful CSM Look Like?“.

#5: ‘The Jasons’ (Whitehead & Noble) discussed “Getting Customer Onboarding Right” [Podcast].

#4 Appirio’s Michael Collins analyzed “The Only Metric That Matters: Customer Lifetime Value“.

#3: Customer Success Consultant Brooke Goodbary revealed some “Customer Success Trends by the Numbers“.

#2: Clevertap’s Sunil Thomas took a fresh look at customer journeys in “Bringing a Paradigm Shift to Customer Lifecycle Management with Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) analysis“.

#1: George Reed from ClickUp broke down “3 Ways To Make Customer Success Work For Your SaaS Business “.

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