Customer Success Roundup: 10th February 2017

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Freshdesk’s MD Arun Mani and marketing associate Alina Benny give their perspective on churn and how to address it in “Is Your Business a Leaky Bucket?”.

The first rule of customer retention is to avoid on-boarding ‘bad fit’ customers. Chargify’s Kate Harvey discusses this in her post “Selling to the Wrong Customers Can Cripple SaaS Growth”.

“Customer success is human-focused…scaling is tricky because you lose one-to-one customer communication.” Nils Vinje of Glide Consulting discusses how to deal with this challenge in “How to Run Customer Success at Scale”.

CEO at Price Intelligently, Patrick Campbell, thinks companies can misunderstand what is important about churn and how it ultimately impacts on their success in “You’re Calculating Retention Wrong”.

Demi Oba of eCommerce firm Sweet Tooth shares his views on the familiar topic of “How to Calculate and Decrease Customer Churn Rate”.

Walt Weisner, SVP of global customer care at RingCentral, has learned it’s key to bring a B2C customer focus into the B2B sphere. He writes about this in “The Aha Moment That Taught Me What Customers Really Want”.

Is churn an issue for you? Jabed Hasan of Mountnow has compiled an exhaustive set of useful churn counter-measures in “Customer Retention Strategies: 21 Effective Ways to Improve Your Customer Retention”.

How does having a ‘fixed’ or a ‘growth’ mindset impact on your work as a CSM? Jonah Kadish from AppsFlyer discusses in his post “Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in Customer Success, What Does That Mean?”.

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