Customer Success Roundup: 14th September 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

We always enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at functioning Customer Success teams. Here’s one from Ally and Allen, best friends and fellow CSMs at Chatmeter — “Who Is Chatmeter? Meet Two of Our Customer Success Superstars!“.

As President of Client Strategy and Partnerships at Kforce, Casey Jacox understands what it takes to nurture customer relationships. He lays out his 6-step approach in “Win the Relationship, Not the Deal“.

Fio Dossetto of Hotjar shares her team’s process for collecting, reviewing, and actioning customer feedback in “How Our Team Uses Ongoing Feedback to Design and Build a Customer-Centric Product“.

The team at GrowthHackers recently held an “AMA with Carolyn Kopprasch, Chief Customer Officer at Buffer“, offering insights into empathy building practices at the company and how they manage to operate as a remote-first workforce.

Vice President of Client Success at Updater, Chad Horenfeldt discusses the benefits of sharing customer stories between departments and how to get started — “Storytelling: How Customer Success Can Gain Influence Within Your Organization“.

There’s no shortage of critical Customer Success metrics, but here’s one for your support team – First Contact Resolution (FCR). Alan Finlay of Relay explains the metric and presents his “16 Tactics for Boosting Your FCR Rate“.

Director of Customer Success at ZAP, Anika Zubair covers the distinctions between (and common goals of) the two CS teams in her latest post — “What is the difference between Customer Success and Customer Support?“.

Head of Customer Success at Freshworks, Vipin Thomas publishes a report with findings from 74 companies across 10 cities on the “State of Customer Success in India“.

Drawing on her experience as Senior Customer Success Manager at LoftSmart, Cairo Amani outlines her “4 Tips for Successful Onboarding (of your new CSM)“. Founder, Chad Keck digs into persona tags and customer segments as he looks at “Using Your NPS Data to Build an Ideal Customer Persona (And Then 10x Your Growth with Personalization)“.

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