Customer Success Roundup: 15th June 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Product Marketer at Chargebee, Yohann Kunders does a deep dive on what onboarding should look like if you want to avoid “product quicksand” in “From First Mile to Nth: Onboarding Beyond User Onboarding“.

Louis Grenier of Hotjar presents a brutally honest look at their churn problem in part 1 of their 2-part series – “3 Reasons Why Customers Stop Paying for Hotjar (And Cost Us 1/3 of Our Annual Revenue)“.

Carly Stec of HubSpot explains churn and how to mitigate it, illustrating her points with case studies in “How to Reduce Customer Churn: 7 Helpful Tips to Try“.

Senior Editor At Large at LinkedIn, George Anders examines Customer Success job ads to find out what the role means to employers in “If Sales Are Soaring but Users Stumble, This Rescue Crew Is Ready for Action“.

Principal Analysts at Forrester, Maxie Schmidt and Samuel Stern bust some monetary myths in “Don’t Pay Employees for Delivering Good CX — Why Monetary CX Incentives Drive Worse CX in the Long Run“.

Thinking of implementing live chat as a support tool? Drift’s Sarah Chambers covers the hows, the whys, and the KPIs in her guide – “How to Implement Conversational Support: The 8 Plays Every Pro Needs to Drive Customer Success“.

Richard Felix of Stunning presents his go-to strategies on “How to Win Back Canceled Customers“.

Mark Gally, CEO of Zaius, reports on his favorite strategy for gleaning insights from his customers in “What I Learn by Going ‘Undercover’ at My Company“.

Ty Magnin of Appcues lists “3 Ways Product Managers Should Let Users Lead Development“. In case you missed it – Ty and Appcues recently launched their free “User Onboarding Academy” consisting of 5 lessons, each with homework and further reading lists. Definitely worth checking out.

Kristen Hayer, Founder of The Success League, suggests setting a day aside each month for creative work – either within your team or company-wide. Kristen gives her perspective in her post “Customer Success and the Maker Day“.

Although written from an eCommerce perspective, SaaS companies could learn much from Lane Harbin’s post over on the Campaign Monitor blog – “Why Personalized Email Marketing is Essential to Customer Retention“.

Gartner contributor Susan Moore describes the five categories of Customer Experience (CX) metrics, including the often neglected area of Employee Engagement in “How to Measure Customer Experience“.

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