Customer Success Roundup: 23rd February 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Margaret Kelsey of Appcues shares “4 Questions to Ask Users along the Customer Journey” including why to ask them and when.

VP of Customer Success at OpenGov, Boaz Maor shares his ideas around the Customer Maturity Index (CMI) and how to implement it in your organization in this recent Client Success Webinar [Video].

Ruairí Galavan of Intercom finds that many companies view of onboarding is often much too limited and details the approach taken at Intercom in “Introducing C.A.R.E. – A Simple Framework for User Onboarding“.

Head of Customer Success Enablement at Oracle, Keri Keeling outlines ways to avoid the “Top 3 Business Review Mistakes“.

“With great questions comes great responsibility”, says Christie Mouritz-Beckx of Appbot. As a Customer Success Lead she encourages readers to talk to their customers in “Hey, Support Teams: Are You Asking Your Customers Questions?“.

Customer Success coach, Amin Akbarpour details his key lessons on organizing on-site meetings in “Pack Your Bags, We’re Hitting the Road: Planning for Successful Client Visits“.

Gayathri Aruswami of KiSSFLOW considers “Average Number of Replies” an important metric for analyzing customer effort and provides tracking details in “Is Conversation Metric Indispensable for Customer Success?“.

Freshdesk’s Monica Maria talks to Rachel McGuigan from Mozilla and discovers that “Mozilla’s Secret Sauce to Customer Success Lies in Community-Based Support“.

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