Customer Success Roundup: 23rd March 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Mindtouch releases their list of “Customer Success Top 25 Influencers & Top 100 Strategists of 2018“.

VP Customer Success at Qordoba, Emilia D’Anzica (who features in the Mindtouch list above) shares her “Three Ways to Grow Your Career in Customer Success“.

Allie Breschi of HubSpot discusses an awkward topic for CSMs in “Why Cross-Selling Is a Customer Success Initiative, Too: How to Do Cross-Selling in a Customer-Facing Role“.

We always enjoy Eva Klein’s Medium posts; they challenge long-standing company practices and are a rallying cry for customer-focused change. Her latest post is no exception — “CEOs, It’s Time to Talk about Sales and Customer Success Alignment“.

Alyssa Edelman and Rosa Gandler of Greenhouse Software detail how they predict CSM time commitments in “Quantifying Bandwidth: The Solution to Scaling Customer Success“.

CEO and Co-Founder of Taplytics, Aaron Glazer hopes to convey the importance of tailoring each customer interaction according to the customer journey in “How to Create Conversational Messaging across the User Lifecycle“.

Intercom announces the release of their latest free resource (“The Customer Retention Starter Kit“) in “Reduce Your Churn with a Retention Messaging Strategy“.

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Andrew Chen urges readers to take a timeout from product development to examine the user lifecycle in “The Next Feature Fallacy: The Fallacy That the next New Feature Will Suddenly Make People Use Your Product“.

Ed Powers of Service Excellence Partners uses a bowl of beads to demonstrate “Why Your Churn Numbers Are Wrong” (but don’t worry — he also presents a solution).

If you’ve let your customers down, be sure to apologize. Basecamp offers some advice drawn from their first-hand experience in “How to Say You’re Sorry” [Podcast].

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