Customer Success Roundup: 8th December 2017

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

VP of Customer Success at Typeform, David Apple gives a glimpse behind the curtain in his SaaStock 2017 talk — “How Typeform Presented Their Retention Story in Their Last Board Meeting” [Video]. For a look at all the SaaStock 2017 talks click here.

Partner at Point Nine Capital, Christoph Janz examines “How Public SaaS Companies Report Churn, and What You Can Learn from Them”.

If you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge base available to your customers, you are setting them up for failure. Intercom provides companies with a how-to guide in “How to Build a Help Center from Scratch”.

Erik Devaney of Drift shares some takeaways from a recent Customer Success talk held at their offices in “7 Customer Success Secrets From ‘The Churn Whisperer’ Greg Daines”.

Customer Success consultant Brooke Goodbary analyzes the latest SaaS survey from David Skok and KBCM Technology Group in her piece “Customer Success Trends of 2017- Dissecting SaaS Metrics Survey”.

Hiten Shah, Co-Founder of Kissmetrics and self-proclaimed “learning machine”, presents “5 Mental Models that Help Product Managers Acquire and Retain Users”.

Brian Balfour, Founder & CEO of Reforge, releases a three-part series of articles around retention – “The One Growth Metric That Moves Acquisition, Monetization, and Virality”, “Why Retention Is the Silent Killer” and “Retention Is Hard, and Getting Harder – Here’s Why”.

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