Customer Success Roundup: 8th June 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Here’s one for the podcast fans! We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of must-listen material for Customer Success professionals — “The Essential Guide to Customer Success Podcasts“.

As Customer Success Strategist at Akkroo, Clare Knight likens restructuring your Customer Success team to stepping on a piece of Lego®. Ouch! Clare shares her observations in “Taking the Lego® Approach to Customer Success“.

Last year, Customer Success Champion at Geckoboard Heather Jones built Geckoboard’s first Customer Success Bot and told us all about it. Heather reports on how their “Geckobot” performed as part of their CS team and reveals whether or not they’ll be decommissioning it in “Geckobot 2: Judgment Day“.

Writing for The Success League blog, Nicole Jackson details a plan for finding the perfect Customer Success Manager for your SaaS company, from the job description to the interview, in “Hiring a Technical CSM“.

Amanda Mercer of Drift believes hiring outside of the industry can help you deliver a 5-star B2B SaaS experience and explains all in “Here’s Why We Hired a Hospitality Professional from the Four Seasons to Build a VIP Customer Experience at Drift“.

Freckle’s Amy Hoy helps you navigate the minefield of customer satisfaction by pointing out the “9 Ways to Make Your SaaS Customers Hate You“.

Marvin Marcano of Ascend Customer Solutions employs the cautionary tale of Toys ‘R’ Us as he urges entrepreneurs to “Gather Customer Feedback (And Use It) like Your Life Depended on It“.

The team at Retently aim to turn your NPS survey results into actionable to-dos with their guide – “Closing the Customer Feedback Loop: Turn Insights into Action“.

In a guest post for Sales Hacker, Dan Cook of Lucid lays out the “Keys to Working with Customer Success to Create Loyal Customers” as part of his “10 Tips to Build Rapport Internally to Navigate Complex Deals“.

Over on the Process Street blog, Oliver Peterson provides a primer on predictive analytics and its uses in “What Is Predictive Analytics? When AI, Blockchain, and Business Processes Collide“.

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