Customer Success Roundup for the 15th March 2019

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Customers drifting away? Kristen Dahlberg from Sendlane guides us on “How to Re-Engage Inactive Contacts with an Automated Win-Back Series“.

Elen Veempere from Canny looks into the revenue potential of CS in “Customer Success: Your Next Growth Engine“.

In a similar vein, Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of The Customer Success Association, discusses “The Monetization of Customer Success“.

Samer Baroudi, Director of Product Marketing at SugarCRM, gives a positive answer to the question “Is Net Promoter Score Still a Relevant Success Metric?“.

The team at Zoho deliver some churn-busting strategies in “SaaS Churn Analysis: Configure Your Company for Customer Retention“.

Trello‘s Justin Gallagher talks about product being at the heart of growth, marketing and success in “What Makes Trello Tick? Simple Strategies for Product Led Success“.

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