Issue 326

Customer Success Roundup for the 16th August 2019

Aug. 16th, 2019

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

VMware‘s COO, Sanjay Poonen outlines “10 Ways to Cultivate Customer-Centricity“.

Self-service can be key to scaling your Customer Success offering. This helpful post by Jory MacKay (on the blog) lists “7 Steps to Create a Useful Knowledge Base“.

Enterprise CSM at Drift, Mike Curley describes “3 Video Plays for Customer Success“.

Over on the Nicereply blog, Clara Watkins looks at some “Strategies for Customer Success You Should Implement“.

Zuzanna Ostojska, Head of Customer Success at Growbots, explores “6 Less Known Customer Success Best Practices to Reduce Churn and Improve Retention“.

Vero‘s Head of Marketing, Linda Grant outlines her 3-step guide to “Customer Onboarding Emails: A Data-Driven Approach“.

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