Customer Success Roundup for the 17th April 2020

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Customer retention is more critical than ever. In this edition, we share 20 of the best retention articles from the last five years of our weekly CS Roundup.

Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell
What Is Customer Retention? Why It’s Important and 8 Strategies to Improve It.

Lionel Valdellon, CleverTap
The 4 Pillars of Customer Retention.

Ky Winborn, Appcues
The 4 Customer Retention Metrics You Should Be Measuring Now.

Alex Bell, CloudApp
5 Data-Backed Customer Retention Strategies Your Business Needs.

Adhya Sethuraman, Zoho
SaaS Churn Analysis: Configure Your Company for Customer Retention.

Yasmine Nahdi, Chamaileon
Retention Email Marketing: 10 Types of Emails to Guide Your Next Campaign.

Sunil Thomas, CleverTap
What I’ve Learned About Retention From 8K Global Customers.

Miko Levy, Outbrain
5 Ways Content Underpins Outbrain’s Customer Retention Strategy.

Niraj Ranjan, Hiver
5 Must-Dos to Keep Your Customers From Leaving You.

David Apple, Typeform
How Typeform Presented Their Retention Story in Their Last Board Meeting [Video].

Robbie Allan, Intercom
Don’t Tell Me You Miss Me: 3 Better Approaches to User Retention.

Melissa Rosen, Groove
This Easy Customer Retention Strategy Increased Our Annual Subscribers by 10%.

Customer Retention Strategies: Why Customers Go Dark.

The #1 Hack to Retain Your Customers If You Are a SaaS Startup.

Josh Brown, Helpjuice
9 Emails You Can–and Should–Use to Improve Your Customer Retention.

Claudiu Murariu, Innertrends
4 Essential Questions for Optimizing Retention.

Oleg Yakubenkov, GoPractice
Day N Retention, Rolling Retention, and the Many Facets of the Retention Metric.

Josh Bean, Zendesk
How to Build Customer Relationships That Increase Retention and Revenue.

Diego Poza, Auth0
How to Safely Use the 3 Best Customer Retention Tactics.

Janet Choi,
How to Raise Retention With Data-Driven Emails.

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