Customer Success Roundup for the 18th January 2019

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

First Round Review interviews Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of restaurant chain Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru to discover “What Sweetgreen Can Teach Startups About Scaling Intimacy“.

Crane Venture Partners share a presentation from their annual event FLIGHT given by Rav Dhaliwal, Head of Customer Success EMEA at Slack, where he discusses delivering–and proving–value as a CS team — “Flight 2018: Early Stage Sales and Customer Success” [Video & Slides].

Kristen Hayer of The Success League describes the core principles from her favorite change management article, tailored for CS leaders in “Driving Change in Customer Success“.

Canadian Customer Success group CS in Focus detail “How Customer Success Drives Top Funnel Growth“.

Benjamin Brandall of Chameleon explains how a proper introduction to your product can help boost retention and “How to Plan, Build, and Test Product Walkthroughs That Work“.

Joe Daniels of Receptive publishes two CS-related articles this week — “How to Think Like a Customer Success Manager” and “2019 is the Year of Customer Success“.

Geoffrey Keating of Intercom reveals how Customer Success reps at Close are distributed using the modular “Pod” organization model in “How to Build, Manage and Scale a Sales Team – 12 Strategies from the Experts“.

Angel Investor Dave Kellogg channels Gordon Ramsey in his latest post on leadership — “Not in My Kitchen, You Don’t: Leaders as Norm Setters“.

Founder and CEO of Retently, Grigore Raileanu lists “9 Practical Tips for an Effective NPS Data Analysis and Reporting“.

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