Issue 326

Customer Success Roundup for the 23rd November 2018

Nov. 23rd, 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

David Peralta of Hotjar chats with Peep Laja, the founder of CXL, to learn “How Customer Insights Saved CXL Institute from Near-Disaster“.

First Round Review spoke to Chris Purkey, VP of Sales and Customer Service at Backcountry, about providing a human connection and personalized experience through their “Gearhead” program in “How Backcountry’s Support Reps Go the Extra Mile — and Get Invited to Their Customers’ Weddings“.

Kristen DeCosta of Churn Buster reframes a churn problem as an improvement opportunity, and outlines ways to get started in “How to Make Churn Prevention Part of a Positive User Experience“.

Dina Chaiffetz of Prolific Interactive describes how the workplace collaboration tool Slack helped her uncover valuable customer insights in “I Conducted a User Interview on Slack and Here’s What Happened“.

Over on the Kayako blog, Dominique Jackson of Copper shares five tips on “How to Build a Customer Oriented Culture from the Ground Up” from brands that have done it successfully.

Founder of Kupr Consulting, Simon Cooper explores “Using Recency, Frequency, Value as a Customer Health Score“.

Ed Shelley of ChartMogul talks about the importance of cohort analysis to understanding user behavior over time and how to get started in “Saas Metrics Refresher #6: Cohort Analysis“.

Judy Weader, Principal Advisor for Forrester’s CX Council, shares some advice on scaling Customer Success with a tier based system in “Tier It Up: A Winning Strategy for Customer Success Management Programs“.

CEO of The Success League, Kristen Hayer suggests a contest as a way to establish good habits or drive short-term behavior change and lists her “7 Steps to Planning an Amazing Holiday Contest“.

KC Karnes of Clever Tap explains “How to Calculate Customer Retention” and provides readers with a useful online retention calculator.

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