Issue 326

Customer Success Roundup for the 6th March 2020

Mar. 6th, 2020

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Parlor’s Casey Paxton curates this great list of Customer Success KPIs — “50 Experts Rank Top User Engagement Metrics to Track in 2020“.

Patrick Campbell, CEO at ProfitWell, outlines “How to Construct a Customer Success Strategy With Clearly-Defined Personas, Customer Journeys, and Success Metrics“.

CEO at ’nuffsaid, Chris Hicken explains “Why Customer Success Leaders Aren’t Getting a Seat at the Table“.

Tech Entrepreneur David Cummings asks (and answers) “Why Is Gross Churn More Important? Let Me Count the Ways“.

SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin lists “9 Questions To Ask Candidates for Your First Head of Customer Success“.

Writing for The Success League, Customer Success lead Evan Rich discusses “Transitioning Into a Mature Customer Success Organization“.

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