Customer Success Roundup for the 7th December 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Director of Sales and Partnerships at Calendly, Rachel Williams shares her tips on “How to Create a Seamless Handoff from Sales to Customer Success” including an example email CSMs can send to kick off the onboarding process.

Writing for the OpenView blog, Customer Success Strategist Kia Puhm describes her approach to “Nailing Your Customer Success Go-To-Market Strategy for 2019“.

Margaret Kelsey of Appcues highlights the learning opportunity in a churned customer and explains how each customer you lose can help you create a better product in “Not All Churn Is Bad: 5 Types of Churn You Can Learn From“.

Customer Success Consultant Brooke Goodbary lists three reasons why becoming a CSM is a good idea — “Thinking About Taking a Job in Customer Success? Here’s Why You Should“.

Customer Success Writer for BombBomb, Donna Kelly reveals the five ways BombBomb empowers their customers and why you should too in “Nurturing Customer Relationships: How to Empower Your Customers, Leads, and Clients“.

Co-Founder of Userpilot Yazan Sehwail analyzes his five favorite onboarding flows explaining precisely what he loves about each in ‘Which Saas Companies Have “Swipe Worthy” Onboarding Experiences?‘.

Alan Finlay of Relay makes the argument as to why an internal knowledge base is an essential addition to your customer experience toolset in “The Secret Strategy Top Customer Support Teams Use to Improve Service“.

Mary Drumond, host of the Voices of Customer Experience Podcast, sits down with the Co-founder of CX Accelerator Nate Brown to talk about “Making Customer Feedback Matter“.

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