5 Distraction Crushing Ideas for Busy Customer Success Managers

5 Distractions for Customer Success Managers

Managing customers can be all-consuming work. It doesn’t help that the online world is conspiring to steal your attention away and cripple your productivity. Below are 5 practical steps you can take to make your days more productive.

5 Distractions for Customer Success Managers

  1. Block access to distracting websites
    • Install a website blocking browser extension e.g. Chrome extension, LeechBlock NG. This free tool allows you to block all of the websites that invade your focus (Youtube, social media, news sites etc). You can block them completely or just for specific periods in the day when you need to be in the zone. There are lots of these types of apps but I really like the simplicity of LeechBlock.
  2. Automate your focus and break times
    • Based on the Pomodoro Technique, Chrome extension Focus To-Do – Pomodoro Timer & To Do List enables you to set countdown timers and alarms to schedule periods of intense focus (and schedule the breaks too!). The free version of this chrome extension also comes with task tracking and a range of white noise options to play while you work (I like the Cafe sounds).
  3. Don’t distract yourself with busy tasks
    • There is a temptation to grab a coffee first thing in the morning and pick some menial admin task to do, making you feel busy. Bad idea. Rank your tasks in terms of importance and start with the most important ones first. Your future self will thank you for getting your more challenging tasks completed early.
  4. Create an Ideas list
    • Your mind is constantly firing ideas and questions at you. The temptation is to jump onto google search immediately, sending you down unproductive rabbit holes for who-knows-how-long. To combat this, keep an ‘ideas’ sheet of paper on your desk, when the urge to check something online appears, jot it down. Set aside time later in the day to review your list.
  5. Mute your phone
    • At a minimum, take a few minutes to turn off all non-essential notifications. Even better, put it on do-not-disturb or airplane mode at your desk. There are also lots of apps to block access to distracting apps during work hours. (https://play.google.com/store/search?q=distraction&gl=SE

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