CSMs: Here’s How to Hit Your Expansion Quota!

Barry Devon
Feb. 3rd, 2022

tl;dr – In this article we share a FREE tool to help you hit your expansion quota. There are strongly held views about whether Customer Success Managers should be selling to their customers. Whatever side of the argument you stand on, the fact remains that a lot of companies set their CSMs a sales target. A survey we ran back in 2016 found that over 70% of CSMs have commission as part of their compensation package.

Standing at the start line with a sales quota can be daunting, even for sales veterans, never mind CSMs who may not have huge experience in selling.

To help you get started, and figure out what exactly you need to do, in terms of lead generation and opportunity management, we have created a simple FREE tool (Google Sheet) that does much of the work for you. For sales newbies, we even have a glossary and hover tips to help cut through all of that sales jargon you may not be familiar with. The gif below shows how it works and underneath are the steps to accessing the spreadsheet.


To access the spreadsheet:

  1. Click on this Google Sheet

2. Make your own personal copy (Click File > Make a copy); you will only be able to use/edit your copy.

That’s it!!!

Don’t forget to share it with your colleagues, Customer Success (and sales) is a team sport!

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