5 Customer Success Software with Publihed Pricing

Did you know there are now over 30 dedicated Customer Success platforms! This makes the challenge of evaluating your options quite daunting. If you don’t want to juggle a ton of discovery calls with vendors just to find out what you can or can’t afford, this post is for you.

The following is a list of the Customer Success software platforms that publish their FULL pricing online, so you know what you’re getting into when you reach out to them (included is an overview of their pricing and links to their pricing pages).

Platforms for Customer Success With Published Pricing

The platforms are listed alphabetically and the pricing refers to each vendors monthly payment costs. If a discount for up-front annual payments is available, it is indicated below. Also, custom/unpriced plans are not shown.


Akita released the first version of their Customer Success solution in 2018 and have recently released a brand new, updated version. It’s an innovative solution that helps SaaS businesses nurture, retain, and grow their customer base. Akita customers use the platform’s native data integration tools and 80+ pre-built integrations to deliver a ‘single source of truth’ on customer behavior and profiles. Automated notifications and playbooks mean CSMs can focus on what’s important, when it’s important or let the platform communicate directly with customers without their intervention.

Pricing: https://www.akitaapp.com/pricing

  • Start Plan: $200 per month, incl. 3 user s — additional users $59pm (free read-only users available). A 20% discount is applied to annual pre-payments.
  • Connect Plan: $600 per month, incl. 3 users — additional users $79pm (free read-only users available). A 20% discount is applied to annual pre-payments.

Freshdesk Customer Success

CS platform Natero was acquired by Freshworks in 2019 and rebranded as Freshdesk Customer Success. The solution helps software and subscription companies prevent churn, increase expansion, and strengthen customer relationships. Users can quickly get insights into account health, support tickets, billing history, communications, and user engagement. It is also possible to boost your CSM (Customer Success Management) productivity using standardized workflows, automated tasks, and establish best practices for your Customer Success team.

Pricing: https://www.freshworks.com/customer-success-software/pricing/

  • Estate Plan: $625 per month, incl. 0 users — Users $95pm. Annual billing discount is available.
  • Forest Plan: $950 per month, incl. 0 users — Users $150pm. Annual billing discount is available.


Salesmachine is positioned as a customer management solution. It offers a comprehensive health scoring system that tells you which customers are at risk and which leads are ready to convert. It provides a holistic view of all of your customers in one place along with indicators such as NPS, Pulse, Lifecycle Stage, and Overall Usage. In order to free up your time so that you can focus on taking real action to enhance customer success, it enables you to integrate popular tools like CRM, emails, support, and product usage, and then automate your workflows.

Pricing: https://www.salesmachine.io/pricing/

  • Track Plan: Free, incl. 1 user; Includes 5000 Contacts
  • Start Plan: $75 per month, incl. 2 users — Additional users $25pm; Includes 500 Contacts — Additional Contacts from $0.03 per Contact. 
  • Grow Plan: $150 per month, incl. 2 users — additional users $50PM; Includes 500 Contacts — Additional Contacts from $0.03 per Contact.


Skalin is a next-gen Customer Success platform, specifically built for start-ups in the acceleration phase. Powered by AI, it detects at-risk customers to prevent churn. With Skalin, your team can be more proactive, save time and generate more revenue.

Key features: All-in-one interface for managing CS; Health score to prevent churn; Smart alerts for shifting from reactive to proactive 

Built for Startups: Quick to roll out; Easy to get started; Friendly support

Pricing: https://www.skalin.io/pricing

  • Start Plan: $249 per month, incl. 3 users — Additional users $35pm; Contacts included 1000 x # of seats — additional Contacts — paid (price on request). (No monthly billing option)
  • Scale Plan: $499 per month, incl. 5 users — Additional users $50pm; Contacts included 1000 x # of seats — additional Contacts — paid (price on request). (No monthly billing option)


Totango is a feature-rich software platform that mainly targets SaaS enterprises. They offer a suite of tools facilitating the automatic triggering of customer health signals, tasks or actions when a defined set of rules is matched. Those triggers can send an action plan to your customer success team so they can address any situation quickly.

While Totango targets enterprise, its free version is quite extensive, excluding only a few of its many features. This makes Totango an attractive option for growing SaaS companies or teams getting started with customer success.

Pricing: https://www.totango.com/packages

  • Community Plan: Free, maximum 2 users ; Limited to 100 Accounts.
  • Starter Plan: $499 per month, incl. 5 users — Additional users $85pm; Accounts included 500. 
  • Growth Plan: $899 per month, incl. 10 users — Additional users $85pm; Accounts included 500.

[If you are a smaller SaaS company looking to invest in CS software, check out our post — Guide about Buying Customer Success Software — For Startups].

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