Customer Success Roundup: 20th July 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Alexander Theuma and Irina Dzhambazova of SaaStock assemble all the highlights from interviews with leaders in Customer Success–from 2016 onwards–to produce their latest episode: “SaaS Revolution Show Radio Hour: Customer Success” [Podcast]. Bonus: Alex shares a coupon code for €300 off any SaaStock 2018 ticket.

VP of Customer Success at YayPay, Manoj Jonna unveils his team’s repeatable 5-step process to handling mistakes with a level head in “Customer Success: You Messed Up, Now What?“.

In the latest episode of Rogue Startups, host Craig Hewitt interviews Email Conversion Strategist Val Geisler on the impact of email in your onboarding and retention efforts – “Winning Customer Success with Val Geisler” [Podcast].

Co-Founder of Customer Success Europe, Sue Nabeth Moore publishes the framework she developed with fellow Customer Success enthusiast Daniel Coullet for “Creating a Customer-Centric Culture to Successfully Implement Customer Success“.

Michael at Freshdesk has been committed to the cause this week as he publishes three articles with a focus on the customer — “Customer Support vs Customer Success: How They Go Hand-in-Hand“, “The Importance of a Customer-Focused Culture“, and “How to Reduce Churn with Better Customer Engagement“.

Jake Bartlett, Customer Success Manager at Statuspage, wants everyone to know that “The University of SF Is Offering the Very First MBA in Customer Success and Insights“.

Irit Eizips of CSM Practice delivers some practical advice on getting the most out of your customer health scores with her suggested: “5 Things You Should Do with Your Customer Success Health Score” [Video].

Emilee Spencer of Atlassian and Teagan Harbridge of Easy Agile share a story about the product changes made by Twitter in the lead up to the 2014 World Cup to illustrate “Why Diversity in Teams Is the Key to Customer Success“.

Writing for the Econsultancy blog, Phoebe Rodgers of Prophecy Unlimited explores the evolution of the customer journey in the travel sector and implores companies to keep up in “How Travel Industry Trends Are Fragmenting the Customer Journey“.

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