Customer Success Roundup: 16th February 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

James Scott of SuccessHacker has done all the legwork for you and presents “The Ultimate Guide to Customer Success Software“.

VC Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint sees a major shift happening in revenue ownership within SaaS organizations. He explains in “Reorganizing Your SaaS Startup’s Organizational Structure to Optimize the Customer Lifecycle“.

Hiring a Customer Success Manager? The Nickelled team are and they’ve written a helpful guide on “How to Write a Killer Customer Success Manager Job Description“.

Shayla Price of aims to reduce deliquent churn from failed credit card payments with her “9 Dunning Email Examples You’ll Want to Borrow“.

Vitor Lopes writes about meeting fellow CSMs in person at a recent “Customer Success Cafe” meetup in Berlin, organised by

We love hearing how companies are implementing Customer Success! Read about the approach Klipboard has taken in “Customer Success at Klipboard“.

Director of Marketing and CX at M4 Communications, Sue Duris lays out a step-by-step approach for soliciting (and acting on) customer feedback in “Listen Up! Five Keys to Driving Voice of the Customer Success“.

Kristen Hayer, Founder of The Success League, interviews Michael Fulvio, Director of Customer Success at SeamlessDocs, on “Strikedeck Radio – Episode 22” [Podcast].

Writing for the Openview blog, Ross Fulton of Valuize Consulting discusses why “Your Customer Success Leader Needs to Able to Run through Walls” and shares his “5 Keys to Unlocking Negative Churn in B2B SaaS“.

“A customer journey should be treated as a living document”, say the folks at Momentum. Read this and other suggestions in “Engage Your Customers with Journey Maps“.

Guru Mahendran of Appcues publishes a practical guide for improving retention with the help of behavioral analytics tools (in this case Amplitude) in “How to Use Analytics across the Customer Journey“.

Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell shares his findings from “The World’s Largest Study on Churn” [Warning — autoplaying video].

HelpScout compiles their list of “The Best Customer Support, Service, Success, and Experience Conferences for 2018“.

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