Customer Success Roundup: 9th February 2018

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

Michael Redbord of Hubspot breaks out the key differences between two closely-related business functions in “Customer Success vs. Customer Support: What’s the Difference?“.

Rita Theologi of 24sessions shares her 3-point checklist on “How to Become Indispensable for Your Customers with Customer Success“.

Co-founder of SaaS Business Asia, Adelina Peltea interviews Saloni Singh, VP of Customer Success and Growth at Ematic, about “Scaling Customer Success” [Podcast].

Val Geisler of classifies the different types of churned customers — and how to win them back — in “The Most Valuable SaaS Customers Everyone Forgets“.

It’s no longer just the product that needs to align with your customers’ needs — it’s also your pricing structure. Adam Feber of Chargify investigates this emerging trend in “Move Over Subscriptions. The Future Is Elastic And Built Around Relationships“.

Over on the Wootric blog, SaaS consultant Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré sees a future where the very best Customer Experience is a result of AI-powered chatbots merged with old-school human interaction in “Blended AI Will Improve Customer Experience (CX), but Keep It Human“.

McKinsey & Company details the emergence and evolution of Customer Success in “Introducing Customer Success 2.0: the New Growth Engine“.

Writing for Usabilla, Blake Toder of HubSpot discusses the merits of broadcasting customer feedback across your organization in “Why Your Whole Team Needs Voice of Customer Insights“.

Janet White, VP of Education and Partnerships at FrontStream, discusses the challenges of creating an effective customer education strategy after acquiring multiple companies in “Adapting Customer Onboarding for an On-Demand World“.

Customer Success Manager at Freshdesk, Sirisha Polisetty provides a gentle introduction to her role in “The Customer Success Manifesto – Chapter 1“.

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