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April 2023

What Happened at SaaSiest 2023 (and what I’ll do different next year)

Barry Devon
Apr. 24th, 2023

Does taking over 30 thousand steps in 2 days justify eating doughnuts for breakfast?

I hope so … my feet are sore but I’m feeling optimistic after spending 2 days at SaaS Nordic’s Saasiest2023 conference in Malmo, southern Sweden.

I attended to get a live sense of how SaaS companies are feeling about the technology that drives Customer Success in 2023. I had 19 meetings with CEOs, CROs and Heads of CS from Nordic SaaS companies. What is clear is that … everyone is still hyper-focused on growth (no surprise there) but there is a much greater focus on sustainable growth and driving up Net Revenue Retention (NRR) rates than in previous years.

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Framework for Delivering Customer Support in a SaaS Environment

Akita Editor
Apr. 13th, 2023

We sometimes share content from partner companies. Below, Patryk Kępa from Elastic Email discusses their framework for delivering Customer Support in a SaaS environment.


How do we at Elastic Email, successfully communicate with customers to help maintain long-term valuable relationships?

We believe it all starts with an empathic mindset. We are very aware that many of our users are not technical or familiar with integrating our solution into their processes, so it is important to listen to each client and cater to their individual needs. We find starting our customer relationships this way ensures our users are much more likely to meet and exceed their stated objectives.

Elastic Email Customer Support Engagement Framework

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