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Accounting, Billing and Invoicing

Accounting is the financial data and information collected, measured, and processed for individual, and/or organizational entities, retaining financial transactions records, and presenting financial reports is known as bookkeeping. An accountant practices accounting or accountancy, and accountants determine an entity’s wealth, liquidity, and profitability, measuring their economic activities, growth, and investment. Accountants then relay this information to managers, creditors, regulators, and investors. Accountancy can be separated into various disciplines such as financial, tax, and management accounting, auditing, and Accounting Information Systems (AIS). Billing/Invoicing is the process of sending invoices or bills, and are documents supplied by the seller to a buyer, that contain information about the quantity, and cost of a product, resulting from the sale of goods or services. An invoice document specifies the payment terms, and conditions to the buyer, containing information on the deadline for payment, and whether there is a discount for early payment or whether late payment charges could be incurred.

Akita SaaS Business Application Directory offers a selection of software from the leaders in accounting, billing, and invoicing. Akita integrates with your existing accounting, billing, and invoicing software providing you with a dynamic timeline of customer interactions, intelligent customer alerts, and a prioritized list of at-risk customers. Akita helps your business reduce customer churn, and increase customer retention, and sales so you can keep your customers happy.

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